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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
  The Great Fox Debate
It's not Hannity & Colmes, but has a debate between Sporting News' Kyle Veltrop and Benson Taylor over whether or not Illinois would win the ACC if they were in the conference. Here's a little piece of what Veltrop had to say in arguing the affirmative:

Why is it so hard to grasp that this is the best team in the country? Illinois will win the Big Ten, and if it were transplanted to another conference, it would win the ACC, the Big East, the Big 12, the Pac-10 and the NBA's Atlantic Division. Illinois has steamrolled practically every opponent, including Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Oregon and Wake Forest. (Oh, and what conference do the Deacs play in again?)
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well done wonk.

it is such a shame that everyone seems to be so in love w/ the ACC that they can't accept a Big 10 team as being the best in the nation.

Dickie V is one of the worst and always has been. last nite he was saying how if IL gets past Mich St the prob will go undefeated but who does he think is the best team. N.C.

I was showing my wife how Kansas has 9 games on Espn or CBS of the next 11.
Duke is 12 for 12 with Fox and ABC picking up some of the games.
NC 9 of 11.
Wake 6 of 11.
Syracuse 7 of 10.
KY 7 of 11.
IL only 5 of 10.
If, say, Kansas had played Illinois' schedule and was 20-0, nobody would be saying that they wouldn't be good enough to win the ACC. Same goes for Arizona, Michigan State, Connecticut, and maybe a couple of other teams. It's all about perception.

I say fine. Let them underestimate us.
I hate the ACC-loving media, what a bunch of tools. I still think that the stupidest comment all year was Jay Bilas' when he said that Deron Williams would be the 10th best point guard in the ACC.
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