Illini Wonk
Saturday, January 15, 2005
  Memo to Pundits
To: Basketball pundits (especially those at ESPN)

From: Wake Forest & Illinois

RE: Shut your cake holes!

The beautiful thing about competitive sports is that you actually have to play the games and the decisions aren't left in the hands of the punditocracy. For the last week, the debate raged about who was the best team in the country: UNC or Illinois (as detailed in this recent Illini Wonk post here). After big wins over (overrated) Maryland and Georgia Tech, most of the pundits were siding with the Tar Heels.

Then, January 15 came and the unbeatable Tar Heels lost by 13 points to a team that the Illini were leading by 32 and defeated by 18. The Illini? Vanquished another Big Ten opponent on the road. The debate is over for this week. Illini Wonk will have more later on this historic day for the Illini.
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