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Monday, February 14, 2005
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Illinois basketball fans are having a season that will live on in their memories and Illini Wonk is enjoying blogging every minute of it. Juding by many of your comments, you are enjoying the season and this blog as well.

Illini Wonk would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading and to let you know that there are other places on the world live web that are worth your precious time. This post is an attempt to hit some of the highlights.

Big Ten Basketball=Ugly?

Certain members of the sports-writing media (and headline writers at the New York Times) have begun a disturbing habit of labeling the Illini wins as "ugly." Illini Wonk was willing to overlook that in reference to the win at Michigan, but once they started applying the label to the win over Wisconsin, we have issues. Fortunately, Illini Wonk does not have to fight this battle alone and can simply refer you to an excellent post from Big Ten Wonk, who feels compelled to remind the pundits that not ugly.

An intereseting aside comes from a matchup tonight of Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Pitt beat Syracuse 68-64 for a total of 132 points in a game that the two teams shot a combined 38.5 percent from the field. Illinois and Wisconsin shot a comparatively scorching 46.3 percent as teh Illini won 70-59, which by the calculator on my computer is 129 points. So, is 130 points the threshold that must be reached in order to no longer be labeled "ugly" or will that adjective be used to describe tonight's Big East matchup?

Quinn Snyder or Matt Foley?

Just when you thought the season couldn't get any worse for Quinn Snyder, the blogosphere got hold of a pre-game motivational meeting that includes barking out The Eye of the Tiger. Somehow, this makes our Braggin' Rights a little less sweet. Hat tip to Yoni Cohen of College Basketball for the link.

The Sage of Decatur

Regular readers of Illini Wonk should be no stranger to Mark Tupper of the Decatur Herald & Tribune and his blog. As always, there are some good reads this week. If you aren't reading this blog, you aren't following Illini Basketball.

Other links of interest

The Chris West Basketball Journal is from a fan of Wisconsin basketball...with Illinitalk the title is self-explanatory...and don't forget Brett Dawson at the Champaign News-Gazette (the one part of their site you don't have to pay for...The Chicago Bulls don't have Michael Jordan anymore, but they do have a lot of good young players and a blog...

See you in the blogosphere!
thanks for the nod, and you do a real good job keeping me up to date with the Illini

if you really want more readers to comment, you should go to and get their free commenting service. You can check out mine or Yoni's site to see how they look.
A lot of the media would rather have a 115-113 game. Where the teams race up and down the court. Take a shot, then race back down court to get ready and play "Olé defense" where they just wave an arm at their opponent as he drives to the bucket.
Whattagame! Right.
I love a game where the teams are in each other's face denying the entry pass and clogging the passing lanes. Where a team has to work for it's shot. When they do make a basket you know that they really earned it.
IL vs MI in the 2nd half, even prior to the Dee steals was doing this. When I saw it I knew they would win, as long as they were able to keep it up.
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