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Friday, February 04, 2005
  Luther head dunks on MSU
Early in the second half at Michigan State, MSU went on a run that cut the score to 43-40. Then, Luther Head took over with two three-point swishes from the wing and this dunk off of a steal. Posted by Hello

I love the fact that 4 of the 5 MSU players haven't crossed the center court line in this photo. And the one that did is just jogging along. Sweet.
Notwithstanding Head's awesome dunk, the white-clad fans in the background do look pretty impressive. I'll bet that's a nice environment for the MSU players.

---Tom Nally, New Orleans
It is an imposing place to play. That's why Illini Wonk was so impressed that Illinois made winning there look so easy. A sports-writer who was at the game emailed me and said:

The Izzone was impressive, make no mistake, but they got taken out of the game a bit by all those first-half 3-pointers. Every time the place would get good and rocking, Dee Brown or Luther Head (or Williams or McBride) would hit a 3, and this feeling of dread -- we can't beat Illinois -- took over.
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