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Saturday, March 26, 2005
  UNBELEIVABLE!!!! Illini Win!!!!
That was the best comeback I have ever seen!!! More to come soon! Leave your congratulatory post below.

The talking heads on ESPNEWS don't get what happened on the final stop by the Illini. They keep saying that Lute Olson didn't draw up a play. He did draw up a play, but Bruce Weber is the better coach and anticipated it. He knew that Hassan Adams had been killing Jack Ingram all game and had all their points in the overtime. So the play that Lute drew up was for Hassan to drive on Ingram and either score or draw the foul. Instead, Weber, anticipating the call, switched the quicker Deron Williams and Hassan couldn't get past him. Game Over. He gambled switching Williams off of Stoudamire and it paid off. Weber deserves every coaching award he received. Wow!

UPDATE: it turns out that Williams switched to guard Adams because he was cramping and didn't think he could stay with Stoudamire. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good!

More to come...Illini Wonk might be up blogging all night...
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