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Thursday, June 30, 2005
  NBA Draft Blogging
Predictably, there was a lot of interest in the 2005 NBA Draft from the blogosphere. Mark Tupper blogs that the Draft was a victory for Weber's style. Kerry points out that it was the Highest draftee from Illinois...ever.

But the best post of the whole thing came before the draft actually took place (I just didn't read it until today). Over the Chris West Basketball Journal, in a post titled After Tonight, You're Dead To Me, Chris types 1,600 words on the draft...almost everyone of which is worth the read. He isn't very high on Deron Williams, but I think I'll go with the opinion of Jerry Sloan on this one.

I used Technorati to surf for some of what the rest of the blogosphere had to say about Deron Williams. the Z-man lists Deron in his top three impact players and says he has the size and skills to be a great point guard in the NBA. The Post Game expects Deron to prove people wrong about his limitations. For more about the trade to get Deron, go to the Ink Spot. According to the The Sports Pundit, Good things will happen in Utah in the near future and Deron will lead the way. The Four Hourseman think Deron is the man and that things look good for the future of the Jazz. There was also plenty of talk about Deron's girlfriend, but we'll leave most of that alone.

So, what do you do after you've been drafted third in the NBA Draft with a guaranteed salary in the $2.5 million range? Disney World? Try partying at the 40/40 Club with Jay-Z and Lebron James.
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