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Saturday, October 28, 2006
  Illinois Basketball Recruiting is bad for Wonk's Heart
Wonk can't take this anymore. By "this" Wonk is referring to the last 12 months of Illini basketball recruiting. First it was Sherron Collins spurning the Illini for Kansas. That was followed by Eric Gordon committing to the Illini, taking us all on a roller-coaster and then picking the Hooisers.

And now, Derrick Rose. Why mention Rose? Didn't he rule out the Illini in August? Yes. Sort of. The Illini weren't on the August list...but they are on the November list. Rose put Illinois back on a list of three that includes the Memphis Tigers and the Indiana Hooisers. He even took an official visit, coming to the Orange & Blue Scrimmage last night with his brother and Simeon guard Deon Butler and was joined by Simeon coaches Fred McClinton and Marcus Alderson. For some photos, go here.

The Illini poured it on. Get the full story from Clyde Travis in the Sun-Times. Apparently, Rose will announce his decision one week from today at a press conference in Burbank.

Okay, bloggers, IB posters, conspiracy theorists, et. al. What can these latest developments possibly mean? Why the Orange shirt? The orange & blue shoes? Why visit Champaign if you've already made up your mind and plan to announce in one week? Where's the Prozac?

As Mark Tupper eloquently blogged: I’m sure most Illini fans will be afraid to climb back on this roller coaster when they haven’t stopped vomiting from the up-and-down ride on the last one piloted by Eric Gordon.

Tupper (wisely) advises that no one get their hopes up, believing this could just be a ploy to make Memphis jealous. Comments from Rose's high school coach make the visit sound like a courtesy. Illinois Prep-Bullseye says the about face borders on "shocking" and insists that it was NOT a publicity stunt and that the trip to Champaign [was] a lot more than just a mere courtesy visit.

What do you think?
I am witholding investing myself in this situation. I'm not getting my hopes up.

That said, I think that this would be a brilliant move by Rose. He would suddenly appear as a knight in shining armor and would be welcomed beyond the what'd be expected due to the devastation of Gordon going back on his word.

We shall see.
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